TRUST WATCH: India Capital Growth Fund


INDIA CAPITAL GROWTH: £100m fund aims for long-term growth by investing in smaller Indian firms

What is it?

The India Capital Growth Fund, managed by specialist company Ocean Dial Asset Management, aims to grow investors’ money over the long term by investing in India. It currently holds assets worth just over £100million.


What does it invest in?

Ocean Dial focuses on smaller Indian businesses, and targets those which will benefit from India’s young and expanding population and technological revolution. IT firm Tech Mahindra is the largest single holding.

What do the experts like?

Charles Armstrong of Cazenove Capital says Ocean Dial is ‘the type of manager you want to see – an expert on Indian equities with a strong track record and analysts on the ground in Mumbai’.

Any downsides?

Armstrong cautions: ‘Emerging markets are known for their volatility – this is not an investment in a large-cap blue-chip fund, so don’t expect it to behave like one. 

Some years can be bad, often as a result of geo-politics.’




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